Sunday, October 5, 2014

Celery, carrots and grapes for dinner? Why not?

One of my biggest goals in the Only 3 Things A Day Challenge is to quit wasting things.  I know how lucky I am to live in America, the land of plenty.  I don't have to do any real hunting or gathering.  Everything in my life is really a convenience.  I honestly believe I should never complain about absolutely anything.  My life is luckily filled with those little things I shouldn't sweat.  That being said, I can do better.

Every week on garbage day, I go through the refrigerator and there is at least one thing I need to throw out because we didn't eat it before it became "sketchy".  Most weeks, I am ashamed to say, I find more than one thing. Today's not trash day, but I know I have some fruits and veggies I purchased that will be rotten by trash day if we don't eat them now.

I feel like my family is the worst about eating the fresh produce before it's overripe or rotten.  Why?  It's the food in the refrigerator that is absolutely the most healthy for us. So what's the answer?

Today's Items

It's time for new strategies.  First of all,  I have washed and prepped the produce instead of my usual washing it and prepping it as I use it.  Second, I have made it very clear we need to eat these items today.  I expect us to snack on them throughout the day and if there are any of carrots and celery left - they will go into the dinner recipe for tonight.  The grapes will be dessert.

I have to stand firm on this.  No budging.  We have to eliminate the waste of perfectly good food due to our laziness.  I could always go to the "starving children in a foreign country" argument, but the absolute best arguments are:

  • Time is money.  
  • Money is money.
  • You bought - you need to eat it.

The best thing about keeping this blog is the accountability.  Over time, I'll be able to review the promises I have made and check up on myself and how successful I am.  I'd love to hear about any successful strategies you have for avoiding food waste and the ultimate waste of money.

Hope you decide to join the challenge!  Remember, I will never judge you or the stuff you have accumulated!  We need to stick together and lighten our loads!

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