Monday, October 6, 2014

Do you have a case of disc mania - get ready for the cure!

It is clear, I have been hanging on to every old game,  program disc, CD and DVD we have ever purchased.  I suppose that some of them are "collectors' items", but undoubtedly most of them are just trash.  It's hard to believe we played all these games, used all these programs, listened to all these albums and watched all these movies.  When I look at the discs, I can understand why more and more programs, movies and music are going to the cloud.  In total, I collected over 100 really outdated discs!

Today's Items

Just a few of the many, many discs!

I looked for a way to repurpose these old discs and really couldn't find any good use for them.  There are a few websites that recommend using the discs as paint palettes.  I don't do much painting.  There's another site that recommends making mosaics or lamps out of the discs.  None of these ideas really floated my boat.  The one piece of information that was universal in my search - how toxic these discs are to our environment if they are not properly repurposed.  I don't know about you, but I'd like to leave this place in at least as good, if not better condition than when I arrived here!  Until I started looking, I honestly had no idea that it wasn't perfectly fine to just throw out an old disc.

Through divine intervention,  I stumbled on the CD Recycling Center of America.  Wow, this is quite the operation.  Just watching the video made me realize I should never throw out another disc and neither should you!  It's easy and free (except for the cost of the mailing box) to send my outdated program discs, game discs, dvd's and cd's to them and they will take care of the rest.  They will even take the empty jewel boxes.  The only work on my part:  separating the items into piles.

Again, the Only 3 Things A Day Challenge is changing me and making me think outside the box.  I actually feel really great about getting rid of these discs and sending them on to be repurposed.  My life will be clutter free and so will the environment.

I would love to hear from you if you decide to join the challenge!  Remember, I will never judge you or the stuff you have accumulated!  We need to stick together and lighten our loads!

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